Media Software Solutions

Hardware Support

Remote Administration

A situation may demand for a problem to be fixed straight-away. We have the expertise to deliver time-critical solutions to our clients by means of logging into their network using secure protocols and resolving the problem. This works as an ideal scenario for a number of our clients we can identify and resolve the problem in a network at Cooma without ever getting out of Sydney. This works best for our clients who need an instant patch applied in case of a problem and the full-fledged solution not being extremely time-critical.

For clients on a support plan, we regularly use remote administration to perform server maintenance and apply critical patches. This may involve something as straightforward as installing the Service Pack for latest Windows release or as complex and time-consuming as re-storing data back-ups.

Help Desk

Experienced consultants are available to take phone calls from clients on support plans and identify and help resolve the issue on phone. During weekdays, our help desk operates from 8 AM to 7 PM and is accessible during a short window of 9 AM to 12:30 PM on weekends. Our logs have helped us gather that 85% of the client problems get resolved at first contact with our help desk. This makes for a feather in our belt as providing support to our clients and helping them resolve their issue over phone makes our clients save time and money!

Outsource the complexities of hardware support, configuration and maintenance to us and you could be focussing more on the most important thing your business!