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A multimedia production combines text, video, audio, animation and graphics into a strong and compelling presentation that can help you win that lucrative deal in business. At Media Software Solutions, designing and delivering multimedia solutions for our clients is our forte! We can help you communicate your idea to the clientele in an elegant, rich and effective manner.

CD Authoring

An interactive CD-ROM or DVD is a great way to deliver your message. Interactive CD-ROM presentations are the fantastic way to present your marketing and training materials. They allow the user to move at their own pace and absorb the information better. CD-ROMs can include a range of content including video, audio, graphics, animations, special effects, still images and software demonstrations. Our authoring team has been involved in projects such as children’ story CD to product training and product catalogues.

Sales Presentations and Packages

Corporate Presentation

Customer Support, Training and Technical Documentation

Graphic Design

We offer traditional graphic design in a variety of formats to compliment our web and multimedia services. This enables us to offer to our clients comprehensive brand management that integrates all marketing media around a unified image.

Our expertise with print and other traditional advertising media provides with a unique perspective. We can produce any manner of quirky, innovative and stylish designs to make your company or event come to life. Be it logos, mailers, press packs, exhibition boards, brochures, leaflets, signage or just about anything you can imagine printed on.

So in a nutshell we can help you with –

Non-Linear Editing

At Media Software Solutions, we provide a range of services, ranging from video dubbing through to producing full scale television commercials and corporate productions. We use only the very best broadcast standard equipment coupled with the use of professional crews.

With our high production standards we have developed a reputation in the industry as a company that exceeds expectations every time.


Lets you corporate presentation that create a lasting impression with multimedia - animations, video, voice, graphics, text and special effects. It enhances your corporate image at seminars and meetings.


Media Software Solutions specializes in creating high-end graphic special effects (SFX) as a natural part of any video clip.