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Network Services


Many a time businesses want to see an expert advice on how to best make use of their resources. Our experienced consultants can take the hard-work out of the game for you and let you focus on your main objectives – your business. We have worked closely with our clients to help them optimise their costs and time to implement a smart network solution. Working with us you’ll discover that quality does not always comes for a fortune!

Small Office Solutions

The network at your work place forms the backbone of smooth operations and workflows.

A network architecture that has been designed ad-hoc and implemented is the sure-shot recipe for disaster and can crumble under pressure as the scope of the work increases and the business gains momentum.

At Media Software Solutions, we have the expertise to predict the successful network architecture for a business and can tailor-made the wireframe for your small office. We can then implement the solution and get your small office network set-up and operational.

Data back-ups and maintenance

It remains the most ignored quality assurance implementation despite the massive risks at stake on loss of vital data. We keep bumping into companies that have not implemented a rigorous and regular data back-up policy and we get to resume some of them in time while others learn the practice having paid a big price. If you’re after data back-up plans and have been wondering the best way to automate the process – give us a call and see how we can help!

Network Security

The nature of your business may require more network and data security than the one provided by the default network installations. For instance - the default installations of network devices, such as servers, workstations, routers and applications leave plenty of attractive network and data security holes that can make your business very vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Applying service packs, hot-fixes and updating anti-virus definitions can provide a great deal of security, but unfortunately that level of security is just not enough for many businesses in modern days of computing. We offer consulting on network security strategies and equipment to help secure your network from both sides.

So, in a nutshell we can -

With the ever increasing complexity of technology combined with a heightened need to minimise downtime and have systems available at all times, Media Software Solutions plays a very important role for our clientele and their business.