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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Why should I care?

The World Wide Web has millions of websites and all of them are screaming for the attention of their nominated clientele in their own method and manner. Be it online portfolios that intend educating the clientele on various offerings of the provider, or online portals competing with various providers to advertise the same product in a bid to out-run the competitor.

It is not by fluke that the search engines are such massive players in the online industry and two of the biggest companies - Microsoft and Google, are competing in a fiercely fought battle to out-run each other when it comes to having the larger pie of the search audience.

All this makes organic search engine optimization of the website such an important element to define the success of a business. When the works are prudently designed and developed, it is possible to have a very decent chance of being in the good books of the major search engine providers and ranking high on nominated keywords.

Why leave it on Media Software Solutions to do it for me?

Whereas “content” definitely remains the king, we strongly believe you’d be much better off contracting a professional to handle such an important aspect of your business. When rich content is presented to the users in a schematic manner – the benefits are multi-fold. It not only helps make the website more accessible, it helps the search engines identify and index the content a lot better and most importantly, it helps users engage with the website a lot more than otherwise.

At Media Software Solutions, we have helped numerous clients compete for very high organic ranks. We understand and implement the prudent and often ignored development practices in the works right from the word go! This ensures that when your portal blooms into a large and complex website, it remains easy to keep it aligned with the search engine optimization techniques and the results are tangible!

Organic Search Engine Optimization Facts

Organic Ranks

Research has proven that a certain section of the results page gets the most attention from a user and it definitely is not the paid ranks. Organic ranks still remain the most popular tools to engage users and stamp credibility on them – as websites that rank organically higher are usually taken as more credible for their content and services.


For the simple reason that blogs enable you add fresh content to your website on a very regular basis, a blog post rich in content and schematic in nature does a lot of magic for your nominated keywords. And yes, the search engines can index the content though it all resides on the database.


PageRank of a website is perhaps the most important external factor from the pages of the website that influences the final rank on various search keywords. The PageRank of a website can range from 0 to 10 – the more the better. A PageRank of 0 can imply that either the site does not exist in the cache of the search engine provider or that it has been penalised for using mal practices of search engine optimization.